Due to the popular demands of people over avacoins and diamonds for their favourite game Avakin life, we have decided to make this site.

We realized a lot of people struggle in this game while some would just like to have some great experience in the game; to this regard, there would be a need for enough and excess game resource.

Fact remains that some people have spent thousands of bucks on these resources while some other have not even spent a dime and they both enjoy the game with enough resources (avacoins and diamonds). There is only one difference between the both; one uses a tool while the other pays his money.

Normally, we would advise anyone to also endeavour to buy these game resources with real money in order to support the developer. But for those do not have the money or will just like to experience the fun, we have made this awesome online tool.

We understand that there are a lot of non-working tools out there which you might have as well tried, but we want to assure you that this is just very different from the rest.

Have fun and enjoy! However, in case you have any issue with the tool or would like to contact us for suggestion or recommendation, we suggest you use the contact form.